John has four information services & caf¨¦ on the silk road and one in Lhasa Tibet
Kashgar Has a history of more than 2000 years,in the ancient silk road time, it was started from Changan (Xian)---- an ancient capital of China ,all Caravan bells along the silk road west to Kashgar,then through the important passageway connected to India, Persia, and Arabia , Greece end Rome, so Kashgar is a very important city and promoted the interchange between East and West, it was keeped hundreds years. for the history reasons, this famous silk road city closed long time till 1986 of last century the Khunjerab pass and the entire road to Kashgar was opened to tourism and business man, then The ancient Silk Road city is ruturn to rejuvenate.
Since Khunjerab pass opened in 1986,more and more tourists come from the west, John hu was start into the tourism sector and beoame the first private entrepreneurs in Xinjiang tourism sector. At that time there was no any coffee bar or western food and private travel informations service in Kashgar, Jun of 1988 John hu opened first travel information service and caf¨¦ inside the garden of  Seman hotel in kashgar , after few years passed,May of 1992 John hu opened first branch service and caf¨¦ in Turupan , before 2007,john¡¯s caf¨¦ in Turufan is opposite the Turufan hotel, but from 2007, john¡¯s caf¨¦ has moved inside the garden of Turufan hotel,May of 1994 John opened second branch service and caf¨¦ in DunHuang,May of 2006 john opend 3rd branch information service and caf¨¦ inside Qiniwake hotel in kashgar,so up to now  john hu has 2 informations service and caf¨¦ in kashgar,because more and more tourist come to Lhasa Tibet  also , for this reason,May of 2007 john opened the 4th branch john¡¯s informations service and caf¨¦ inside the garden of Tianyu traffice hotel in Lhasa Tibet, this is john hu opend first branch in Tibet,up to now there are five John's information service and caf¨¦ on the silk road and in Tibet, may be in the future will be more John's information service and caf¨¦ will open on the silk road or other city in china.
John's information service and caf¨¦ opened almost 20 years, because John hu provide more and more very helpfull informations service and all staffs are friendly to all tourists of the world, the reputation becaming well- known for the tourists who has been on the silk road,so there are many guide books mention about John's information service and caf¨¦----The famous guide book lonely planet--china,lonely planet---karakoram Highway, lonely planet---central Asia,Cadogan guide book---Central Asia etc, for more reported from tourists,on internet you can search¡ªjohn's caf¨¦' kashgar, then there are many website mention about John's caf¨¦' also, Now, however Kashgar is still the passageway that connection the west and the east economic and cultural, so that john's informations service and caf¨¦ will do much better service to all tourists of the world, at the same time welcome your good suggestions and opinions.Thanks!

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