Excursions around kashgar

One Day tour 1.
The Abak Hoja Tomb, Yusuf Has Hajip tomb, The Hanoi city and Mor Pagoda, Visit Local people family,

One Day tour 2.
Kashgar ----Takelamakan desert---Camels riding---back to Kashgar

One day tour 3.
Kashgar ---Yigisa---Yarkand(old twon and Market)---Kashgar

One day tour 4.
Kashgar to Lake Kalakuli , camels and horse riding back to kashgar

One day tour 5.
Kashgar ----Ouyitage glacier----Kashgar

Two day tour 1.
.Kashgar to Lake Kalakuli , camels and horse riding (night stay in the yurts)---- Lake Kalakuli--- Tashkurghan --Stone city---back to kashgar.

Two day tour 2.

Kashgar----via oasis----Takelamakan desert----camels riding(night camping and cooking foods ,cold bear)----camels riding---Kashgar.

Three days tour(New route from John’s)

Day1.Kashgar--- Lake Kalakuli (yurts or camping)

Day2.Lake-Kalakuli--- Muztagh-Ata(7546m) base camp(4450M)----

ascent camp one(5400M)----base camp(camping in the night).

Day3.Trekking to Janbulak glacier--base camp—LakeKalakuli—

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