Takelamakan Desert Adventure

Taklimakan Desert is the seconed biggest desert in the world, total area of 337 thousands square meters, In the Uygur language, Taklimakan means never get back if you go in. Hence it is known as Sea of Death before, but now we have 4 wheels drive and high technology equipment, it is become if you want go in , for sure you can come back. Before the route almost is from kashgar to Hotan , then through Hotan river to Aksu, now I find the safe and best route for tourists.

Route 1.

Day1. Kashgar—via—yopurga----Desert (pack-camels and start trekking, night camping)

Day 2. Trekking (5 or 6 hours camping)

Day 3. Trekking (5 or 6 hours camping)

Day 4. Trekking (5 or 6 hours camping)

Day 5.from the desert arrive Yarkand(hotel with hot shower)

Day6. Yarkand excursions and back to Kashgar.

Route 2.

Day 1. Kashgar ----Hotan(hotel)

Day 2. Hotan excursions and shoping.

Day 3.Hotan---Minfen----camping in the desert

Day4.Pack-camels and start trekking into Takelamakan desert(camping)

Day 5 to day9 or more day adventure in the center of Takelamakan desert(camping).

Day 10. Meeting on the Takelamakan desert oil road to Kuqe(hotel with hot shower).

Day 11. Kuqe day trip.

Day 12. from Kuqe back to Kashgar or to Urumuqi.

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