Mustagata 7546 meters summit--The easiest summit round the world

Muztagh Ata (7546 m.) is the second high summit in Kun-Lun range , not so far from the Muztagh Ata is Mt Kongur(7595M) is first Hight summit in this areas,between of two mountain is lake kalkuli,both of the mountains on the territory of Kashgar xingjang region in China. In local languages Muztagh Ata means Father of Ice Mountain`s The huge snow mountain-mass raised above the Karakul Lake attracts the mountaineers of the whole world. The climbing way on the top is not difficult technically with the slopes of 35--45 degrees steepness though demands a high physical level of the mountaineer, The way is not difficult technically and good for not very competent mountaineers. But because of high altitudes above the sea level all along the route participants should be well prepared physically perfect . because the enchanting Muztagata and Karakuli Lake with great views ,also it is not so difficult technically mountain for the mountaineers, so every year summer more and more teams come to Muztag ata for ascent.

John’s travel information services and café since 1988 started tourists travel services in Kashgar ,then from july of 1990 bagan organization our first Mustagata team climb up and safty back to kashgar , up to now more then 20 years already, because we are kashgar citizen people, we can speak fluent English and Mustagata area local people languages,  so we are know much better about Mustagata  and we can provide the easy and high stand services for you. About our all services and programs, please see followings:
1. Vias and permit service:for Chinese visa, if you need help for visa invation letter, our agency can help you and sent to you for free, about all permit of climb for group.our agency will arrange for you.
2.Transfer service:Bus or jeep meeting for you at kashgar airport or train station, or board Torgart pass, from kashgar to subashi ,camels loading all equipments to BC and Bc to Subashi, after climb back to subashi Bus or jeep meeting you back to kashgar , end of kashgar airport or train station or Torgart pass say goodby.
3. Hotel : when you arrive kashgar and back to kashgar from BC, all hotel incloud 3 star double room( 2 persons)
4. Food: when you arrive kashgar and back to kashgar from BC, Johns café can provide for you Chinese food, western style food and kashgar local food as well. On the way to BC from kashgar and back to kashgar from BC, you can have lunch box with bread, boild eggs, roast chicken, fruits and drinks. When you in BC, we have skillful cooker from Johns café provide per day 3 times hot meals , breakfast ------you can have part of western and Chinese style food, as 2 fried eggs or Omelette, coffee, lipton black tea,Chinese green tea, hot milk , Dutch cheese, butter, bread, jam and honey. Lunch and dinner-------you can have Chinese food as fresh vegetables cooking with, beef, chicken meat, fresh rice. western style as potato chips,vegetable salad even beef steaks or hamburger and Italian pasta. of course lunch and dinner with hot drinks and fruits.when group back to kashgar, all group member will have Chinese big Banquette in the evening.
5. Group and personal equipments:
When group at BC, we provider group equipment incloud cooking tents and lunch dinner tents, lunch and dinner table and chairs, for personal tent at Bc, we can provider each people a sleeping tent.,other equipment as generate for group at Bc use recharge power, rope for ascent Safty for snow anchor protection, bamboo sticks, if someboday do not have snow shoes, sticks, lamps we also can provide for group equipment,  we provide Emergency equipment  supplies for our group safty as medical oxygen and other usefull medicals, we also have special Tibetain altitude medical for you in the first 3 days use for altitude acclimatization at BC, for group all sleeping matts we provider as well.
For personal equipments as  Plastic Double climbing boots,Snowshoes or skis with climbing skins, down jacket, wind and waterproof jackets, 2 sleeping bags for BC and C1,C2,C3, rucksack, ice  axe, crampons, harness, helmet, trekkingshores ,down gloves, for your own high-altitude dried lunch and dinners ,also for your own everyday energy food , snack food like chocolate and energy bars,  you must  bring from your hom,because in kashgar you can not buy them for C1,C2,C3. for tents need bring for C2 and C3.sun glass. Sun creams, Headscarf and sun hat, mosquito creams, Medical for the Altitude sickness Medical as Diamox and Acetylzolamide, blisters, cough , cold and headache, diarrhea, head light with more batterie, some summer clothes for the city , one insulated thermos and one water bottle.
6. Sherpas and English liaison officer service:for group service, we have sharpas help you carry all group Equipment from BC to C1,C2,C3 , the sherpas help you set up all tents even can help you cooking  for C1,C2,C3, by the end our sherpas help you take all groups Equipment down to Bc, if you need your own sherpas help you all programs, then you need pay your own. about our English liaison officer, he will arrange and help our group all programs service from kashgar to BC end of the climb back to kashgar.

Itinerary for Mustagata from kashgar and back to kashgar

D1.Meeting on board or airport ,train station,Arrive Kashgar check in Hotel
D2.One day of organizing and shopping in Kashgar, Hotel
D3.Bus to Subashi (204) acclimatization camp (3600 metres) , round 4 hours driving arrive subashi village in afternoon, Campping.
D4.From Subashi (204) camp loading all equipments on camels then hiking to BC
(4,500 meters), round 4 or 5 hours hiking arrive BC, Campping
D5.Acclimatization and organization in BC
D6.Hikking to glicer and back to BC rest.
D7.Ascent to Camp 1 (5,400 meters), return to BC rest.
D8.Rest in BC.
D9.Ascent to C1, camping in Camp 1.
D10.Ascent to C 2 (6,200 meters); return to BC  rest.
D11.Rest in BC.
D12.Ascent to C1 and sleep.
D13.Ascent to C 2, and sleep.
D14.Ascent to Camp 3 (6,800 meters), return to C1 or BC.
D15.Rest in BC.
D16.Rest in BC.
D17. Ascent to C 1, and sleep.
D18. Ascent to C 2, and sleep
D19. Ascent to C 3, and sleep
D20.Attempt Ascent to.Summit (7,546 meters).
D21. Attempt Ascent to Summit (7,546 meters).
D22. Attempt Ascent to Summit (7,546 meters) back to BC have a nice hot dinner
D23.From BC hikking to Subashi(204) bus to Kashgar ,check in hotel have a nice hot shower,in Evening big Chinese and western style Banquette Dinner for our group.
D24. A day visiting and gift shopping in kashgar.
D25. Say Goodbye !------Transfer to airport or train station or board Torgart and Ierkestam .

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