Kashgar to Kyrgyzstan and Tashkent

Rout 1.
Day 1. Kashgar ---Torugart pass ---Naryn
Day 2.Naryn ----Issyk-Kul lake( camping or hotel)
Day 3. Issyk-kul ----Bishkek(hotel)
Day 4.Day trip in Bishkek(hotel)
Day 5. Departure.

Route 2.
Day 1.Kashgar ---Irkestan pass----Osh(hotel)
Day 2.Osh---- Osh/Ferghana (UZBEKISTAN - Drive)
Day 3. Ferghana/Tashkent (Flight)
Day 4. Tashkent/Samarkand (Drive)
Day 5. Day trip in Samarkand
Day 6.Samarkand
Day 7. Samarkand------Bukhara
Day 8.Day trip in Bukhara
Day 9. Bukhara/Urgench (Drive)
Day 10. Urgench/Tashkent (Flight)
Day 11. Day trip in Tashkent.
Day12. Departure

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