Kashgar to Tibet


Route 1.
Day 1.kashgar---Yechen(hotel)
Day 2.Yechen--- kanxiwa(camping)
Day 3.kanxiwa --- Rutog(camping)
Day 4.Rutog---Ali(Hotel)
Day 5.One day free
Day 6.Ali—Zada(hotel)
Day 7.One day trip around Guge kindem (hotel)
Day 8.Zada—Mt Kailashi(camping)
Day 9.Trekking Mt Kailashi(camping)
Day 10.Trekking Mt Kailashi(camping)
Day 11.Trekking Mt Kailashi(camping)
Day 12.Mt Kailashi---Payang(camping)

Day 13.Payang---Saga(hotel)
Day 14.Saga---Dingri(hotel)
Day 15.Dingri---Mt Everest base camp(camping or to Lhatse)
Day 16.Mt Everest base camb—Shigatse
Day 17.Shigatse day trip.
Day 18.Shigatse—Lhasa
Day 19.One day trip in Lhasa.
Day 20.Departure
(For Route 1 Kashgar to Tibet only land cruiser jeep is possible.

Route 2
Day 1. Kashgar
---round 730kms---- hotel
Day 2. Kuqe day trip---visiting the Buddish caves, the subashi ruin, old town and big mosque.---hotel

Day 3. KuqeTurfan ---driving round 650kms---hotel
Day 4. Turufan visiting----Jiaohe ruin, and karez, Emin minaret, and wakling round town.
Day 5. Turufan day trip----
flaming mountains, Gaochang, Bezeklik caves , Tuyuk village, --- hotel

Day 6.From Turfan driving  to Dunhuang---780kms ---hotel
Day 7. a day trip visiting
Mogao cave and afternoon visiting the moon lake ---hotel

Day 8. One day trip to yu men gate, han great well .yadan park ruin city of Hechang chen ---hotel
Day 9. Dunhuang ---Golmud--- driving round 530kms--hotel
Day 10.Golmud
Douan.---driving round 650kms--hotel
Day 11.Douan to Lhasa----driving round 560km
Day 12.Day trip in Lhasa( after visit other place in Tibet)


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