Kashgar Hotel informations

Seman hotel is locted western of kashgar,the hotel was former Russian consulate , it was builted 1890 ,from 1953 it was became Seman hotel, even now there are 3 Russian consulate building still in the hotel yard, from 1986 the Khunjerab pass opened up to now, it is well know for tourists from the world.if you stay Seman hotel, from the hotel to centre town Id kah mosque only 15 minutes walk arrive.now the Seman hotel are more then 500 beds ,room price for dorm ,double rooms, and suit rooms all reasonable price, double room decorated in uygur style, nice and comfortable.also there is a big garden yard in the hotel with many trees and flowers in summer tourist season, it is a charming place in kashgar. So the Seman hotel is the best choice for in kashgar.

Qiniwake hotel-----it was used to be the British consulate before, the old british consulate buildings almost replace by modern uildings, it is 3 start hotel also. from the hotel to Id kah mosque is nearby.

Kashgar hotel----This hotel is located east of kashgar, there are few different part of building in the big yard,it is quite nice but problems is far from the town.

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