Photo Album

Tibet mountain
Takalamakan desert
Tibet mountain
Poatala palace Lhasa
On the way to Tibet
Mt Kailashi
Tibet mountain
Muztagh Ata base camp
Mt Kailashi
Sunday Market
Go to sunday market
Guests in the local yurt
Tomb of Abakehoja
Daily market
Sunday Market
Kalakuli Lake
Takelamakan Expedition
Trekking around Muztagh Ata
Mt muztagh ata
Mt maztagh ata glacier
Mt muztagh ata glacier
Trekking in the desert
Tourists at mt Kailashi
Arrive kashgar
Arrived kashgar by car
The pamier plateau
China-pakistan board
The pamier plateau
The oil road pass through takelamakan desert
Sayram lake
Multicolored bay
Kuqe red mountain
Heavenly lake
Hanas lake
Idkah Mosque
Muzhagh ata base camp
Sunday market
The Hanoi city and The Mor Pagoda

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