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Sender:john hu Date:2004-5-9 19:02:55
Hello, for Kashgar fly to Islamabad still not fly yet, I got news Mybe it will be fly end of this month.

Sender:Simon Date:2004-5-6 3:24:46
Hi John, any more news on the flight Islamabad Kashgar? thanks

Sender:Jon L Date:2004-4-24 22:58:04
We are two people aiming to Leave Kashgar and cross the Irkeshtam on Wednesday 28th April. Does anybody fancy sharing a taxi with us?? We would have liked to join your tour John, but we are going a different route.

Sender:john hu Date:2004-4-20 23:43:36
Hello, you are welcome! before In xinjiang the airline name is called Xinjiang airline, but now the name was changed , it become china south airline.

Sender:simon Date:2004-4-20 13:11:08
John please can u tell the exact name of the airline? I don't understand your message. OK it might start in May, I got that. But I am not in Islmbd and I want to make sure there is a flight and then book a seat. I am sorry but is not possible to have more precise and clear informations? thanks and best regards

Sender:john hu Date:2004-4-19 15:21:09
Hi, for Islmbd Kashgar flight starting end of April, just in these two days I got a new informations, May the office need a lot job to do, so the fly date will be change on May, if you need buy air ticket in Islamabad, I know there is Xinjiang air line office , you can try find out where it is? yes no xinjiang air was changed the south air line name. if you fly, yes it is south air line.

Sender:Simon Date:2004-4-19 14:04:16
Hi John do u have more information on the Islmbd Kashgar flight starting end of April. Do u know where I can book the flight in Islmbd? what is the exact name of the airline, is it South China Air? thanks once again for your help simon

Sender:Simon Date:2004-4-17 15:17:20
thanks for your response John, i will be waiting for further information from your side regarding Qolma Pass. thanks

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